How to Prepare Your Horse for a Disaster

While you might not want to think about it there is no denying that the worst case scenario could happen at any time. A disaster could strike without any warning at all, which means you really do need to plan ahead so you can deal with it quickly and effectively.

With this in mind, you should read the following information about how to prepare your horse for a disaster…

Keep the stable clean and tidy

The first step for preparing and preventing a disaster is to keep the stable clean and tidy. This ensures that any flammable objects are not left lying around, while at the same time removing objects that could hinder a horses escape if you need to get them out of the stable quickly. Make sure you inspect the stable and the surrounding area at least once a week.

Make sure they are comfortable in a trailer

If you need to leave quickly then the only way to do this is with all of your horses is in a trailer. For this reason, it’s essential that you make sure all of your horses are comfortable in a trailer, so once the time comes they are not distressed.

So how do you achieve this? The best way to get them comfortable is to practice, practice, and then practice some more. As they say, practice makes perfect, and once you have put them in a trailer a few times then they should feel right at home.

Invite the emergency services round

You don’t have to wait until there is an emergency (or disaster) until you call the emergency services round to your property. If you own stables and multiple horses then it’s probably a good idea if the fire service come around to get familiar with the layout of everything and what they could be potentially dealing with.

Sure, this might seem a little bit strange, but if the worst ever did happen then it would make everything a lot easier for them, and you would stand a much better chance of saving your horses from disaster.

Keep veterinary records safe

In the event of an emergency, you might be required to show the veterinary records for your horse. For this reason, it’s always a wise idea to keep them in a safe and easy to access place, so they can be grabbed at a seconds notice and presented to a member of emergency staff. This could be the difference between life and death so make sure you get it right.

Make sure your horse is social

If you have a horse that is considered a loner then this could work against you in the event of a disaster or emergency. For example, when there are multiple people on your property and you need to get the horse into a trailer quickly, this might be a problem if the horse is not comfortable with strangers. This is why you should try to make your horse as social as possible, and always encourage them to mingle with strangers.


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