Perhaps you are wondering about the biggest horse in the UK? It might interest you to know that he is 10ft tall and there is no saddle out there big enough. The horse goes by the name of Sovereign, and as well as being the tallest, biggest, and heaviest horse in the UK, it is also thought that he is the biggest in Europe.

The Shire horse is owned by Paul Evans who lives in Werrington, Staffordshire, and residents can often see him riding Sovereign around town completely bareback. In fact, one resident has described it as like ìseeing someone riding an elephant.î

Now you might be wondering how does a rider get up on such a tall horse…10ft is a long way up! The answer many people think of is a step ladder, but even that is too small. Instead, Paul has created a custom ìladderî that involves a few crates and an oil drum. Needless to say, getting to the top of Sovereign is no easy feat, and it can take weeks of practice to get it just right.

So does Sovereign ever have any chance of becoming the biggest horse on the planet? If he keeps growing then he may do at some point in the future, but at the current time the award for the tallest horse in the world goes to a horse called Big Jake who lives on a farm in the USA.

Big Jake is a Belgian draught horse and has been in the Guinness Book of Records as the worlds tallest horse for a couple of years now. Time will only tell if Big Jake can hold on to this crown or if Sovereign will swoop in to become the main man.

In the past, there were two other British Shire horses that used to be talked about as the biggest horses in the UK. They were named Cracker and Goliath, and people everywhere were amazed at the size of these two gigantic horses. Of course, Sovereign has now surpassed those two magnification animals as he looks towards world domination and taking the crown of biggest horse in the world.

With that being said, the owner Paul Evans is in no hurry to get the Guinness World Record judges into the UK, and he says that he might not even submit an application for the record books. In fact, he has gone on to say that he is not really that bothered about being famous, and instead, he is really just a simply country guy who enjoys his horses.

However, things are completely different across the pond for Big Jake who is a local attraction where people come from miles around to see this huge horse.

Because of his popularity, the owners of big Jake are now charging people about $30 an hour to see the animal up close and to take a tour of his barn. As you can imagine, this has turned into a nice little money maker, and with the right exposure it’s easy to see Big Jake becoming a national celebrity.


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