Theres nothing better than seeing an charitable organisation doing good for the local community, and that is exactly what Shy Lowen Horse and Pony Sanctuary is doing. By bringing teenagers from the inner city of Liverpool, together with what some may label as troubled horses – which Shy Lowen then rehabilitate using horse whispering techniques.

Shy Lowen, which featured in the Channel 4 documentary  ‘Teen Horse Whisperers’,  showed several teenagers with their own behavioural issues trying to tame wild horses and ponies using alternative methods. The teens soon learned how their actions affected the horses behaviour, such as sudden movements caused the horses to get nervous. Over a period of time, the teens started to build a relationship with the horses and their behaviour also started to change for the better.

Shy Lowen is run by Bernadette alongside a fleet of much needed young volunteers, who look after their herd of horses and ponies. They are currently situated in the Bootle area of Liverpool, on what was once an eight acre illegal dumbing ground – that was until the might of this magnificent charitable organisation turned it into a welcoming plot of land for the horses, along with a small out building.

As Shy Lowen is a chartiable organisation, they rely a lot on donations and sponsors to carry on caring for these horses that are in need of the love and care they are given at Shy Lowen, along with the children and teenagers that benefit so much from this charity.

Why not head over to and send a much needed donation there way? or even check out their shop where you can buy some small souvenirs – every little helps!

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